Circos ThreadTone

Converted the thread tone repo to work with circos.

Repo hexylena/CircosThreadTone
Tags dev,personal,art,circos


Found ThreadTone a while back. Converting it work output circos-compatible configuration was pretty trivial

Only notable difficulty was that bezier_radius was set, and it was not clear how that was propagated. So direct experimentation was used to identify reasonable values.

<<include etc/colors.conf>>
<<include etc/fonts.conf>>
<<include etc/housekeeping.conf>>
<<include ideogram.conf>>
<<include ticks.conf>>

# Use a human karyotype for fun
karyotype = data/human.txt
	dir          = /input/
	file         = circos.png
	radius       = 1500p
	background   = white
	angle_offset = 0

# Reduce this to 10 for nicer tick spacing
chromosomes_units = 10
# We just use chr1 in the plot
chromosomes       = hs1

# A custom link colour is defined in order to take advantage of opacity
	customcolor = 60,60,60,0.6

	# For some reason, 1r was not a desierable value.
	radius        = 0.99r
	# Increasing this to 1 will change when the bend happens, and as a
	# result make the image smaller.
	crest         = 0

	<link segdup>
		show         = yes
		color        = customcolor
		thickness    = 3p
		file         = data/links.txt


$ make light
$ xdg-open circos/circos.png
Light Plot