Helenasystems witch living in the network

Bioinformatician working on her PhD. Systems witch living in the network. I like video games, sewing, and occasionally I do CTFs with my girlfriend.

Here are some assorted blog posts

Project Name Generator 2: Actually Reverse Soundex
Implements a silly idea, generating a random soundex and then generating a word based on that.
Project Name Generator
Implements the consonant-vowel based name generation
ugliness as a service
it's statsd but for urself
Thesis Art
The art for my thesis is made known
REmapper Update 3
Snippets from discussions with a colleague over remapper planning
Codenames Duet Card Generator
Generate random but functional Codenames Duet cards that you and a partner can use remotely, based on a shared seed.
Number Station
A javascript Numbers Station based on the audio file extracted from a Gerät 23620, used in real number stations.
Domain Warping
Another version of domain warping
Domain Warping
Learning to use GLSL for domain warping
Generate planet with rings
City Sketch
Simple cubic cityscapes based off an r/generative post
RGB Noise 2
a second, improved version of RGB noise
RGB Noise
RGB noise inspired by a reddit post.
MultiScaleTruchet Tiles
Javascript implementation of MultiScale Truchet tiles
REmapper Ideas / Planning
Ideas for future research and work. Classic procgen blogpost where she wants to reinvent the world from first principles and wants everyone to think that was a good idea.
REmapper Update 2
Another update adding CTF modes with flags and bases and some wip around flavouring
REmapper Update 1
Remapper update fixing unbounded execution and adding {2,4}-way mirroring
Initial development post for remapper, my RedEclipse Map generation algorithm
Procedural Dungeon Generation Link Collection
Collection of potentially useful links concerning dungeon generation algorithms.
Dungeon Generation
Dungeon generation based on a blog post, non-working.
Bitesofcode's Terrain Generation
Pretty landscapes based on a random wordpress blogpost
Circos ThreadTone
Converted the thread tone repo to work with circos.