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sometimes you just want to monitor some of those small one-off statistics and do so in a low friction way (e.g. “how many times did I see the old style tram on this line” or “what level of headache am i currently experiencing” or “please track my stool consistency”) that one usually has to make a google form, for. And then you have to make graphs and it’s a whole thing and you just wish it was more automatic.

The idea

Add keys like ‘trams/4/old’ and ‘trams/4/new’ and then you can just tap those entries to increment them when you want to record a data point. We’ll provide some graphing somehow based on your keys.


After some discussions on fedi (thanks kouhais) ended up with the design of… you host your own storage. That completely avoids the potential abuses! yay. you can even host it inside your wireguard.

Did y’all know python has a cgi server included? they’re removing it (bad life decision tbh) it’s so fucking convenient.


this is like the one major thing left to do. if y’all got suggestions i’m open to them.

otherwise maybe i dump a chrome trace out? but i’d rather something integrated. idk.