REmapper Update 3

Snippets from discussions with a colleague over remapper planning

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No actual update, just some assorted discussion. Not that anyone is seriously reading this blog^W random crap dumping zone, much less for a 3 year old free time project.

Honestly some of the most terrifying maps

Hahaha yeah. Definitely harder to get a good circuit or line going

When it’s all CHAOS

A: I think a bit more cover would be useful

A: But it’s been so long it’s hard to tell lol

H: Maybe future ones will tone that down and produce more normal stuff.

H: E.g. big central buildings and streets kinda things rather than just messes

A: Eh. Messes have merits. I think map design is just hard

And the things you want to optimise for are so hard to simulate and score

I wonder if there could be a line of sight test when attempting to place a room?

LoS is harder but. Yeah,? Whatcha thinking

Like max line of sight distance to make sure there are hiding places?

So in my thing most rooms in my thing have roughly a transparency, either they’re empty or they’re solid or partially solid. So you could calculate that for every position - every 15 degrees around in a circle.

You could score it. Yeah

But integrating at runtime and having it make sense would be harder

Easier to post evaluate

and a counter point

H: The one with the tubes would pass with flying colors there

H: But it wasn’t fun because you couldn’t see anyone until you were on top of of them

A: True. That one was crazy

H: So maybe needs a min and max distance

A: Tubes aren’t bad but maybe a max length

on placing pieces, should definitely have a ‘preview’ step in the pipeline, each room type gets a single voxel, and run our tests on that or throw it out. constraints maybe useful here?

H: And was always tough for me that the big sexy pieces were hard to fit in there without manually placing them

H: If i added a 2 unit wide tunnel for instance, I’d make it 2 units by 2 units, and maybe a plaza on the end. But then it never gets placed because it’s huge and unless you start generating / growing from the edges you can place fun stuff easily.

H: But that’s def a problem that has other solutions. Like generating more … Like map previews and tossing out boring ones before generating the real ones?

If we have another path method

A: I wonder if you could randomly place 2-5 big sexy pieces and then generate paths around them to ensure patching then randomly generate rooms in those paths

A: And fill in around that

H: Yeah, so that’s another strat but I don’t actually have a reachability checker. Ieverything was reachable just by nature of “pick an end and extend.”

H: We’d have to add a validator step to ensure everything can be reached. Which would be useful to have

on CTFs:

H: And never buult good CTF maps and i want more of those. There’s fun stuff you could do… If there’s multiple paths between each flag room. But that requires v diff algos to ensure multiple psths

H: More of a “design a path and then find rooms which fit” rather than the current “just make random paths”

A: CTF is a whole nother ball game from DM

A: Yeah it’s like make 4 paths between two poits

H: DM is more fun if everyone is forced into a small number of arenas too. Which isn’t a thing currently

H: Also currently it mandates that things are walkable, we ignore parkouring. But CTF could be fun if you’re forced to take a diff path back or so